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Sensor Buddy®

The “Sensor Buddy®” is a spring plunger prox sensor actuator. It can be used to convert a standard prox sensor into a sensing device for all ferrous and non- ferrous materials. The “Sensor Buddy®” is great for jigs and fixtures with difficult applications, that require micro-switch capabilities. The “Sensor Buddy®” can be used with a prox mounted in line to the plunger or perpendicular, for edge detection. One hole mounting, tapped or thru hole.

Remote Sensing Mount For Standard Prox’s
Micro precision, fully adjustable, (7) seven sensor mounting location capability.
Easy mounting, durable, rust proof, versatile, small footprint, accurate and repeatable.

The functionality of the Sensor Buddy® requires it to be used in conjunction with an inductive prox, thru-beam, analog, etc, sensing device.

Standard and Custom Models

  • Standard 5mm, 8mm and 12mm Prox models
  • Composite models
  • Heat resistant models
  • Custom spring tension, plunger length, base, mounting threads, material, etc. (custom specification form available here)
  • Industries of Use

  • Commercial Processing
  • Industrial Manufacturing
  • Aerospace
  • Aviation
  • Research and Development
  • Systems Integrators
  • Machine and Equipment Manufacturers
  • Agriculture Processing
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Military Applications
  • Homeland Security
  • Natural Resources
  • Residential
  • Wind and Solar Energy Applications
  • Any industry where there is a need to electrically monitor a part, process, feature, function, etc
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